Dr. Chinmay Oroskar (Ph.D.)

Vice President Business Development

A Ph.D. in Applied Biology from the University of Mumbai, Dr Oroskar was awarded Senior Research Fellowship of ICMR for his Ph.D., while working at the department of Zoonosis, Haffkine Institute. Dr. Chinmayanand is a regulatory and research professional with over 10 years of experience in the agrochemical industry. He has also worked with other research organizations in the fields of Pesticides, Public health, Biotechnology and Environmental Science.

Dr. Chinmayanand has been working with Ross Lifescience for the past 4 years, and manages dual profiles of Business Development and Regulatory Services. He is responsible for Business Development in India and abroad, besides building and nurturing relations with Regulatory professionals in the fields of Agrochemicals & Public Health/House hold insecticides. His job requires him to work closely with customers, and to strategize, plan & deliver, as per their requirements. He is well-equipped to handle registration processes, as per the guidelines & requirements of Central Insecticides Board (CIB), India.