Regulatory Services

Economic prudence largely depends upon the rapid and successful registration of active substances and products. To facilitate this, RLS is equipped to provide services in data generation as per the latest regulatory guidelines. RLS has a GLP, NABL compliant facility, and is an approved laboratory by Central Insecticides Board-India, (for data generation as per Indian Regulatory requirements - is this required)

Thanks to RLS’s rigorous learning and research practices over ten years, it is in a position to provide guidance to its sponsors regarding various regulatory needs. Besides being updated on regulatory guidelines, its experiments and reports are all in line with specific regulatory needs. This enables RLS to offer the following services, either through in-house expertise, or through its channel of associate partners.

  1. 1. Strategy and planning, performing data gap analysis
  2. 2. Dossier preparation and submission (through associate partners)
  3. 3. Me-too registrations for indigenous manufacturing (through associate partners)
  4. 4. Export only applications (through associate partners)
  5. 5. Endorsements for label claims, packaging or other changes related to import source/manufacturer (through associate partners)
  6. 6. Data generation as per OECD guidelines for registration requirements outside India