Household Insecticide

Agricultural pests as well as household pests can grow to be a huge menace, if not controlled. Our entomological services are designed to mitigate this nuisance. RLS conducts laboratory as well as field trials for evaluating the efficacy of various products to control insect pests.

Household pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, bed bugs, housefly and termites are subjected to experiments in our state-of-the-art laboratory.

We have interconnected room chambers with air exchange facility, peet grady chambers, sniffing chambers in our facility for studies on flying and crawling insects.

In the lab bred cultures, we have three species of mosquito, two deltamethrin resistant strains of mosquito, two species of cockroach, one species of house fly and one species of bedbugs.

For customers in this industry, the following services are offered:

  1. 1. Chemistry
  2. 2. Bio-efficacy & Persistency
  3. 3. Toxicological analysis
  4. 4. Packaging studies
  5. 5. Regulatory services