Crop Care

As per FAO estimates globally, in agriculture practices, 20%-40% losses are caused by pests and vector diseases, impacting global economies. In order to control the spread of plant pests and diseases, it is vital to use Plant Protection Products, thereby skirting disastrous consequences on agricultural production and food security.

An improper and irrational use of such products can adversely affect humans and animals, who come in contact directly or indirectly. Therefore, strict regulations have been laid out for their use, and companies manufacturing them are required to generate data to validate their efficacy to ensure safe usage.

Be it in-house validation, development of new products, or generating data as per regulatory authorities, RLS offers customised services to all its clients. Besides studies on agricultural pests, RLS also has the infrastructure and expertise to conduct tests on the stored grain pests.

The following services are on offer to clients in the Crop Care industry:

  1. 1. Chemistry
  2. 2. Field trials (Bio-efficacy & Persistency)
  3. 3. Residue analysis
  4. 4. Toxicological analysis
  5. 5. Packaging studies
  6. 6. Regulatory services