Bio-stimulants are one of the most important categories of products for agriculture industry in today’s time with the increasing awareness for the organic or naturally produced produce, taking this in consideration Ministry of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmer Welfare has introduced an Amendment Dated 23rd February 2021, in the Fertilizer (Control) Order,1985 for inclusion of Biostimulant products.

According to which, Biostimulants products specified in Schedule VI shall be classified under any of the following categories:

  1. 1. Botanical Extracts, including seaweed extracts
  2. 2. Biochemicals
  3. 3. Protein Hydrolysates & Amino Acids
  4. 4. Vitamins
  5. 5. Cell-Free Microbial Products
  6. 6. Antioxidants
  7. 7. Antitranspirants
  8. 8. Humic & Fulvic Acid and it's derivatives

If the biostimulant product is already on the Indian market, the manufacturer / importer must first obtain the provisional certificate to be able to continue on the market, with a two-year extension, requesting it from the state agriculture department before September 30, 2022. During these testing must be done to obtain the data requirements detailed below.

Any new Biostimulant product must be included in Schedule VI of the regulations. No person shall manufacture or import any Biostimulants unless it is included in it. For such registration of biostimulant products the following information is required to be generated and submitted to the regulatory authorities:

  1. Chemistry
  2. Bio efficacy
  3. Toxicity
  4. Heavy metal content
  5. Report on no pesticide residue in the product

Similarly, EU has also introduced Regulation on Biostimulants:

On the 25 June 2019, the EU adopted Regulation (EU) No 2019/1009, i.e., the new EU Fertilising Products Regulation. The current legal framework applicable to fertilising products is Regulation (EC) No 2003/2003. The new Fertilising Products Regulation comes into full regulatory force on 16 July 2022.

Ross Lifesciences may help the Indian Exporters/Manufacturers, who are looking for placing their products in EU market by:

  1. (1) Generating data to support a biostimulant claim;
  2. (2) Using data either to support placing a biostimulant on the EU market and/or to support commercial product claims.

Ross Lifescience is your one stop solution for getting all data generated for Biostimulants Registration. It has standardized the analysis process for more than 160 Biostimulant Products in last two years.


  1. Source (natural extracts of plant/microbe/animal / synthetic)
  2. Chemical composition (chemical analysis from GLP/NABL accredited lab )
  3. Physical & Chemical properties of active ingredients and adjuvants, if any.
  4. Method of analysis conforming to the specifications.
  5. Shelf-life claim.

    Bio- efficacy trials: (Co-ordinate With SAU)

  1. Agronomic Bio-efficiency trials be conducted at National Agriculture Research System ( SAU and ICAR) at 3 different doses for minimum one season from 3 locations.


  1. Acute oral
  2. Acute dermal
  3. Acute Inhalation
  4. Primary skin Irritation
  5. Eye irritation
  6. Toxicity to bird
  7. Toxicity to Fish
  8. Toxicity to honeybee
  9. Toxicity to earthworm

    Heavy metal analysis